A Brief Idea About Different Types Of Welding Tools

Tools are mainly used for specific type of purpose to achieve or produce something; therefore welders require proper set of tools to obtain good control over their work. Nowadays, due to the advancement in technology, you can find portable and different sizes of welding tools that you can purchase to deliver excellent quality work with perfection. If you want to be a good welder or renowned entrepreneur in this industry then it is important for you to have good knowledge of different types of tools and equipment. There are different types of welding that includes TIG, MIG, Stick and submerged arc where different varieties of tools are used. Each type uses different tool therefore you need to choose better set of equipment that best suit with your work.

In the past few years, welding industry has developed with new technologies and advanced equipment and systems. This is the reason, welders should be aware of these latest inventions of this industry and equipped with latest accessories and tools. Also, welding industry should have modern tools like torches, electrodes, guns and consumables and follow proper welding system with latest technology.

Different types of tools

  • Gun is a basic welder tool used for spot weld, tack weld and burn holes in metals, allows for faster drilling and making a spot within the seconds.
  • Torch is another tool used to weld the metals. Cutting torch is beneficial for cutting the metals.
  • Rose-bud torch is used for heating the metals so that it can be easily bent and straightened.
  • Injector torch is used for mixing the two gases

You must have good knowledge of using TIG welder machines to get great results, however it is designed while keeping the user convenience in the priority. These machines come in different types like power TIG 250EX, 200DX, 225LX, 315DX and power 1-tig 200.

Next is the power arc weld which is available in two different types that are 200 and 160 welders. They are specially manufactured for welding steel and stainless materials. Smooth DC arc, low power consumption, high duty cycle with digital display and adaptive arc force control are some of the special features of these welders. MIG welders are available in four different varieties which are easy to use and can be carry anywhere due to their portal sizes

In this article we have discussed few welding tools to provide the brief idea of it. If you want to buy any type of welding machines, tools or equipment then buy then from reputed online stores. Even you can save your money by purchasing the product when online store provide MIG or TIG welder for sale or with great discounts and deals.