Let Us Understand The Different Types Of Bolt Heads

A bolt is a tiny fastener that helps other fasteners to stay connected. They are mainly used in the manufacturing sector due to its connective benefits. The main part of this fastener is its head, as it is very important to have a complete knowledge about the different types of bolts before using them. There are several types of bolts available in the market depending upon the different requirement. Here is a guide that will help you to understand the difference between various types of heads.

  • Pan Head – This is the most common type of bolts that is curved and has a wide diameter. It can easily be installed with the help of screwdriver; this makes it a more popular than other bolts. They are made with low-grade steel and mainly used to join the metal sheets.
  • Truss Head – These bolts are extra wide and have a round head that makes it easy to install them. It is the best kind of bolt, as it provides fastening support with less amount of surface obstruction
  • Round Head – A round head bolt is also known as a button head that is mainly used in wooden connections. Because of its use, they are not strong enough to handle other material, as they are only designed with the aim to support wood.
  • Oval Head – These bolts are also known as countersunk because they have a cone like structure that has a round surface on top. They come in different varieties in order to fulfill various needs. They fit in a counterbored hole and provide the best fastening support.
  • Hexagon Head – This is the most preferred bolts as compares to others. It has six heads that are mainly used to tap in a hole. They are specially designed to use in Construction, Repairs, and Automobiles etc.
  • Binding Head – This is a common bolt that has a thick head and a long length. They are mainly used in electronic devices due to their corrosion resistant quality. They are mainly used in the manufacturing sectors because of its thick head.

These above-mentioned differences will help you to choose the right kind of bolt that can fulfill your need effectively. These fasteners are available at a very nominal price that will not going to cost you much. You can ask the manufacturer to suggest you the best bolt, as per your need. It is very important to get the right one as a wrong bolt can leads to disappointing results.